Special Delivery Baby Girl – New Family of 3 {Las Vegas Newborn Photographer}

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to tag along with my good friend and photographer Norina Leyde on this amazing Newborn Portrait Session. Norina and I had been discussing, for quite some time, how we wanted to change up the way we approached newborn photography. I have, actually, only just started marketing Newborn Portrait Sessions again this year. I stopped offering them for quite a while so that I could really focus my attention in other areas and build my skills in the genre(s) of photography that I felt most comfortable with.

Now that I have been in business a few years and have really fine tuned my photography style, I am looking forward to reintroducing Maternity and Newborn Sessions in a way that fits my style of photography. The McDonnell Family was the perfect reintroduction to Newborn Photography. I have quite a few new babies coming this summer and I am looking forward to having each precious new life in front of my lens. Here are just a couple of favorites from my first Newborn Session this year.

Special Delivery Baby Girl - New Family of 3Special Delivery Baby Girl - New Family of 3

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